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AT ELIANTO, WE BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL ELIANTO, - derived from the word "sunflower" in Italian, inspired by the unique combination of striking beauty and utility symbolised by the flower. ELIANTO is a brand synonymous with gentle skincare products, enriched with nourishing and soothing botanical extracts, complemented with a vibrant range of colour cosmetics which brings out the best of sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks and adorable lips. Our aim is to deliver the best of nature in cosmetics with the finest quality natural ingredients at an affordable price.


Even on such a magical journey of self-discovery as this, it's nice to know you've got someone who's there every step of the way; this is the role that Elianto seeks to fulfill. You see, we're all about - Delighting with the Magic of Beauty. What does this mean, really? Well, delighting means... We are always there for you, understanding and imaginative. You can count on us to help you bring out your best feature It's also about bringing you value in everything, at all times, so your journey towards unravelling true beauty continues is well within your means. In essence, magical. We're never aloof,unlike other beauty brands. The whole idea is to include one and all in our true beauty movement.
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